Cleptomanicx – The Coup

For the Hamburg based clothing brand Cleptomanicx we created and directed the commercial „The Coup“ starring their sponsored skate pros as well as lovely host Captain Clepto.

REGIE Fabian Driehorst und Frédéric Schuld
KAMERA Enno Endlicher

Creativity International Awards 2015: Gold Young Talents
CLIO Awards 2015: Silver Young Director

Young Directors Award @ Cannes Lions 2015: Shortlist
The One Club – One Screens: Shortlist
Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Film Festival: Finalist
Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival: Finalist
Lahore Fashion Film Festival: Nomination
Buenos Aires Fashion Film Festival: Nomination
Australian Fashion Film Festival: Finalist
Ciclope Festival Berlin: Finalist
Sound & Image Challenge Worldwide: Finalist
1.4 Awards: Nomination
CutOut Fest: Nomination
VIEW Conference: Nomination
Seoul Best of the Best Animation Festival: Nomination
Santiago Fashion Film Festival: Nomination
Istanbul Fashion Film Festival: Nomination

Werbung / Kurzfilm
KUNDE Cleptomanicx
LAUFZEIT 01:40 Minuten